Firefly LED Festoon Lights

Firefly’s LED festoon lighting system is the best quality replacement for traditional festoon lighting on the market.

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Firefly LED Festoon Lights

Firefly’s festoon lights are lighting up Australia from the harsh, dry outback of Alice Springs to the funky Bondi Beach front.


Firefly's Festoon Lighting can be used both inside and outdoors for either temporary or permanent installations, they are the perfect addition to any event or venue. The LED waterproof bulbs require 1/10 the power of traditional festoon bulbs yet still provide that classic festoon look, without all of the headaches.

They are a versatile, cost effective, safe, reliable and the perfect choice for pubs, clubs, restaurants, city streets, city malls, Christmas lighting, festivals, signage, bridges, boats, casinos, beer gardens, amusement parks, hotels, weddings, parties, marquees and any outdoor entertaining area!