About Firefly Lighting

Heath WilliamsonHeath Williamson comes from a different background to most in the lighting game; he started in the film industry straight out of Year 12, working his way up the ladder via a series of Production and Camera departments.

He has worked on thousands of television commercials featured throughout Australia and the world, which include projects for larger corporations such as McDonalds and Toyota. He has also worked on some classics: the Tina Turner Rugby League campaigns, the Coca Cola Summer Kite surfer campaign, the Fosters Beer Sydney Olympics commercials plus the Nescafe Coffee commercials that were shot on location in Cuba, just to name a few. Other high profile projects include feature films: Muriel’s Wedding, WWE’s The Marine and 48 Shades, that was picked up by Disney.

Heath spent two years working on Channel 7′s Forensic Investigators and worked as the Australian Production Manager for CBS News show, “48 hours”. Film Cinematography is lighting – it is the magic film craft that enables you to turn any space into what you want it to be, with light. Heath learnt the craft of Cinematography under the guidance of David Burr, Dick Marks and Andrew Lesnie, who won an Academy Award for “Lord of the Rings”.

It was out of frustration that Heath made the move into architectural lighting in 2008. He could not understand why we did not use the techniques used in film, in real and every day life.

Since then Heath has not looked back, encompassing his expertise and passion for lighting within every project. These projects now include an impressive list of lounge bars, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, homes, hotels, offices, fountains, shopping centres, high rise buildings, city malls and streets, service stations, casinos… and even a film set or two!