32 Hundred Lighting Fireflying Sydney

Sydney-based 32 Hundred Lighting was established in 1988 by Iain Reed and over the years the company has gained a reputation for creating magic with creative and cutting edge lighting, as well as sound and audiovisuals.

Their extensive portfolio includes corporate, community, fashion, social events, and government work but it was their work with outdoor Night Food Markets that led them to Firefly Lighting.

We needed Fairy Lights and Festoon Lighting but it needed to be weatherproof, very robust and simple to set up, commented Iain Reed, Managing Director of 32 Hundred. When Heath showed us the Firefly product we knew straight away that it was the ideal solution. As well as being very well constructed the colour rendering is great.

Today 32 Hundred Lighting owns approximately 20 kilometres of Firefly LED Fairy Lights and over one kilometre of LED Festooning – enough to Firefly large swathes of Sydney!!

Firefly LED Festoon lighting faithfully recreates a traditional look without the headache of constantly changing bulbs or the need to worry about broken glass or risk using high voltage. Let’s face it, no one at a Night Food Market wants to find broken pieces of glass in their street food.

32 Hundred Lighting has used their Firefly product on many events over the last few years and what has stood out is the longevity and reliability of the product. However, on one project that involved thousands of LED Fairy Lights decorating the façade of the main David Jones Sydney department store, they kept failing – something that is unheard of with Firefly LED Fairy Lights!

The LED Fairy Lights kept failing in certain sections and as this was so unusual, we had to investigate further,” explained Iain. “Let’s just say it was some local wildlife turned vandals and all we could do was replace the damaged lights. Fortunately, that was a breeze thanks to Firefly’s Quick Connect System.

Of course, Firefly LED Fairy Lights and LED Festooning are a massive hit at weddings and corporate events, especially when combined with 32 Hundred’s fabulous outdoor chandeliers. It’s a winning combination!

Made stronger and more robust for Australia’s extreme weather conditions, the Firefly Lighting system is designed to provide you with greater creative flexibility while significantly reducing the time and labour required to install.

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