Firefly FloppyFlex for Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Salt Lake City | NEWS

This winter, Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Ghost of Christmas Eve tour celebrated 20 years on the road. Described by the Washington Post as “an arena-rock juggernaut,” the path-breaking band’s blitz tour included 33 states and 106 shows in just 46 days, an achievement by any measure for musicians, machines, and mankind!

The band “churns out a maelstrom of sound every bit as visceral and dazzling as the accompanying light show,” said the Daily Times of Knoxville. The Daily Herald of Salt Lake City, extols the “jaw-dropping display . . . constantly something captivating to watch.”

Credit for such praise goes to Production/Lighting Designer Bryan Hartley, Director of Touring and Production Elliot Saltzman, and the entire TSO production team. The production incorporated 140 total meters of FloppyFlex Digital® RGBW LED neon encircling seven, three-meter diameter, moving trusses.

FloppyFlex was the perfect solution, says Bryan Hartley. “I was looking for a product I could wrap around my seven circular trusses over the stage; I needed a super-bright, neon-looking product that was flexible and reliable. FloppyFlex gave me the precise look I needed for my design. I was very happy with FloppyFlex and received many compliments on the overall look as well as the product.

Two complete sets of the ‘pixelated’ digital FloppyFlex were provided,” adds Rusty Wingfield of PRG, “one each for the East and West Coast legs of the tour. That’s 280 meters total, all of which we received with connectors pre-installed by TMB, all driven by FloppyDrive Digital™ portable DMX control drivers.

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