FloppyFlex Accents Granite Boardwalk in Texas

“The Boardwalk”, a new development in a 90-acre multi-use commercial complex in Granite Park, Plano, Texas, adds 8839 square metres of restaurant, patio, and office space, with dramatic decorative lighting featuring nearly 305 metres of FloppyFlex LED neon.

FloppyFlex is a winner in our book; it’s extremely bright, versatile, and reliable,” says Jeff Mabray of Hossley Lighting. “We’re using the large dome, 4000 Kelvin white, with four distinct programs on an automated time clock. The looks include centre-out sweeps and streams, black-on-white effects, and more, all auto-selected randomly. The FloppyFlex was easy to install and is performing well.

Mabray continues, This project was new construction with the lighting designed from the outset, making installation a little easier than with most retrofits. The terrific design is by Erin Moody of Studio e Lighting Design. We provided the electrical contractor with five reels of FloppyFlex, which was easily cut and mounted. They terminated the segments and then we programmed. We chose FloppyFlex not only for its performance and ease of use but also because of TMB’s service and their understanding of DMX and the vagaries which often accompany a major installation. In short, they made our job easier.

Hossley Lighting Associates is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, specializing in lighting and control solutions for 40 years. Studio e Lighting Design is also located in Dallas.

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