FloppyFlex Featured in Submariner Tribute

A memorial to World War II submariners is the centre-piece of the 300-metre Submariners’ Walk Heritage Trail on the Brisbane River boardwalk in Tenerrife, Queensland, Australia. The walk features a series of plaques and submarine-shaped seats commemorating the sailors and their service. The memorial itself comprises a landmark sign illuminated by Firefly’s Digital FloppyFlex RGBW LED neon.

The hollow steel sign, by Street + Garden, is painted navy grey with letters perforated in the steel, spelling out “Submariners’ Heritage Trail” in classic naval stencil font. Pixel-controlled Digital FloppyFlex inside the sign illuminates the letters, giving a stunning, colour-changing glow effect that seems to move inside the monument.

The installation was up and running in time for the Teneriffe / New Farm Anzac Day dawn service, the memorial’s unofficial opening day. In the pre-dawn darkness, all the nearby street lights were turned off, with the memorial’s lettering and the sub-seats along the trail glowing a deep red, simulating the interior of a submerged sub. Once the service started, the sign glowed and gently scrolled through the Australian flag colours of blue, red, and white.

My father was a submariner and involved with the Submarine Association before he passed, and had actually worked on the project at its outset with OAM medal recipient Don Currell, commented Heath Williamson, Firefly’s Managing Director, a descendant of the Greatest Generation. I hope the Captain’s looking down and likes it! This one is for you Dad.

Every night the sign and the submarine seats along the Heritage Trail will light up red or blue and they will also be adapted to mark special occasions. For example, on Australia Day the sign will light up in green and gold; it will scroll through red, white, and blue on July Fourth; or red and green at Christmas, and so forth.

Firefly FloppyFlex LED Neon is the perfect and professional replacement for glass neon: Super-bright, easy to use, long-lasting, durable, and at 24VDC, safe. Perfect for use indoors and outdoors, FloppyFlex is available in a large dome (270° view angle), small dome (160° view angle), and flat versions, including the new ultra-slim SkinnyFlex.

FloppyFlex comes in various colour options including RGB, Digital RGBWW (pixel controlled), standard single-colours including Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and a wide selection of single-colour whites ranging from 2100 to 5700 Kelvin. The Firefly range of decorative, outdoor-rated lighting systems also includes Festoon with shatterproof, outdoor-rated LED lamps, Fairy Lights long-life, heavy-duty LED Strings and Icicles, and new Bud Lights thimble LED strings

Find out more about Submariners’ Walk Heritage Trail at www.communityheritage.net.au/submariners-walk-heritage-trail-teneriffe.

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