Yes, the LED Neon / FloppyFlex is all 24VDC. You will require a transformer to power the neon which we also stock.

FloppyFlex LED Neon that’s constructed from PVC carries a 3 year factory warranty when installed correctly following the installation guidelines.

FloppyFlex LED Neon that’s constructed from Silicone carries a 5 year factory warranty when installed correctly following the installation guidelines.

There is a bit of an art to decorating trees with fairy lights. There are several techniques and you may prefer certain styles or looks over others. Generally speaking, you want to wrap the lights around the tree and they should, for the most part, support themselves. If you need to secure the lights further to the tree, we recommend using velcro strip as it stretches with the tree and won’t damage the cable or the tree. If you would like the professionals to install some lights in your tree, get in touch with us and we can organise a quote. We don’t install the lights ourselves however we work closely with a number of electrical contractors who install our lights all across the country.

Yes, the Fairy Lights are all 24VDC or 12VDC. You will require a transformer to power the fairy lights which we also stock.

You can purchase the fairy lights through our webstore or by contact details; email:, phone: 07 3254 4333

It’s often hard to quote for fairy lights especially when decorating trees. As all trees vary greatly in size and shape, there can be a significant difference in length options, total number of lights and ultimately price. If you would like a quote for a tree, please email a couple of photographs to us and we can provide a rough estimate.

When installing festoon lights permanently, you may need to install a support cable as well. If your festoon strings are spanning 10m or more from each point of contact, a support cable will help to support the cable over time. Only large installations will be spanning the lights out this far though. Please let us know if you have any questions about your installation.

A per metre price can be difficult to provide as there are lots of options with regards to spacing between bulbs, types of bulbs etc. If you know what length of cable you require, what spacing and what bulbs you would like, please see the webstore for a price. Alternatively, please email or call us for a formal quote. A very rough price for the festoon lights is $60 per metre with warm white bulbs, 50cm spacing cable and transformer all included.

Absolutely! The festoon lights are designed for permanent outdoor use. All the lamp holders are factory moulded into the cable and have a weatherproof flange which keeps water out. The transformers included all IP67 rated so you can install these outside permanently as well if required.

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