The bud light should support itself somewhat however you may require some sort of extra support for the beginning and end of each run. In this case, we recommend using velcro strip rather than zip ties or staples etc. Always avoid sticking anything into the tree itself. Velcro strip will stretch with the tree as it moves in the wind and is less likely to damage the cable.

All you need are the lights and a driver to power. There will be some hard wiring involved as the driver needs to by wired into the lights which you may require a qualified electrician for.

Yes, you will need to use a 12Volt LED Driver to power the lights. The size of the 12 Volt driver required will depend on how much of the bud light you are powering. Please contact us any time to discuss options for the best type of driver for you.

Rope light can cost anywhere from $10 – $30 per metre. Please see the webstore pricing or contact us for a formal quote.

Yes, the LED Rope Light is weatherproof and designed for permanent outdoor installation. There are a few steps required during the installation process which help ensure the rope light is weatherproof, we supply all accessories needed.

Yes, the LED Rope Light is all 24VDC. You will require a transformer to power the rope light which we also stock.

Yes, the RGB LED Neon / FloppyFlex is controllable with most 24Volt RGB controllers. This is installed with the transformer and most come with remote control access. We do not supply the RGB controllers however we can suggest where to find a great selection. Please let us know if you need any further information regarding colour changing options.

There are several different styled, sizes and colours available all which affect price. If you know what size and colour you require, please visit the webstore or alternatively contact us anytime for a formal quote.

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